How Old A Kitten Is When Leaving Mother?

It is generally thought that kittens are weaned at six weeks old.

What does “must” mean?

Must means must, as in “I must be very quiet.”

How do I care for my kitten? What supplies should I have on hand to begin with?

You can’t beat a soft bedding of shredded paper or pine shavings. The best part about these beddings is that they’re cheap and easy to find! If you want your kitten’s first toy, buy something safe but interesting — like the cardboard box it came in or an empty toilet paper roll. You’ll soon see how much fun playing with things brought home from the store will be! A few washcloths make great toys to play with inside their carrier during day-time hours. An old rag tied to the end of a broom handle makes for another good indoor activity item; just let them tear off pieces by pulling gently on the string attached to it! Paper towels can be used as teasers too — if they’re torn up into small pieces first you might not get into trouble because once they start chewing there’s no way of stopping them until all that remains is crumpled sheets of white cotton floating around everywhere. Another thing you may need are some plastic dishes so your young kitty doesn’t go hungry while she explores her new world after her trip through yours! Be sure you also take along several water bottles (you don’t want anything else leaking