How Old Before Kitten Is A Cat?

Kitten is a cat when it starts to grow hair. Cats are born with soft hair, but they start developing spiky hair in the second week of their lives. Hair develops at different rates for each breed of cats. Some breeds have very long fur that takes longer than just six weeks to develop into adult whiskers, sometimes up to ten months or more depending on the age and health of the kitten’s development! For example, Siamese cats take about four months after birth to fully develop facial features including long eyelashes and whisker pads around their eyes – which are essential for seeing well in low light conditions found outdoors during daylight hours. Meanwhile, short-haired Persian cats begin growing whiskers only around 6 weeks old whilst Oriental Shorthair kitties will be sporting these features by 9 weeks old!

How much do kittens cost?

The price varies greatly depending on where you get your kitten from (ie if you go direct or buy through a breeder) but generally speaking expect something like $200-$300 for an Abyssinian kitten (which can live anywhere between 8-12 years), while purebred kittens can cost thousands of dollars even upwards of $10k+ if purchased directly from show lines such as Missy who was sold privately for over $20k USD