How Old Can A Kitten Be To Get Declawed?

I am a pet sitter and I have many cats and kittens that my clients sometimes bring me. They will tell me that they wanted to declaw their kitty, but the cat is only 5 months old. Is this allowed? How long can a kitten be declawed before it’s too late? — E.S., South Florida

If you don’t know the age of your cat or kitten when you take him home, please do not bring him home with an unaltered claw on one of his feet so he can get caught in anything! The USDA Animal Welfare Act prohibits declawing animals under any circumstances (except for reasons of health or if it is part of a specific medical procedure). Declawing causes extreme pain and suffering for millions of cats and kittens each year – most pets never return after they are “fixed” – resulting in lifelong complications such as lameness, behavioral problems, missing toes/claw(s), poor bone development, euthanasia due to severe pain (or even death) from infection/injury etc.. Please read further information about why we oppose declawing. It would be helpful if you were able to provide us with some evidence regarding this request; i.e.: date/time the animal arrived at your residence; duration & cost paid by client(s); proof that other procedures were done prior to being surrenderd by previous owners; total number present in household including significant others? To help avoid