How Old Does A Kitten Have To Be To Be Bathed?


Almost every cat owner wants to know when is the best age for their kitten to be bathed. The answer varies with each individual kitten and depends on the extent of dirtiness of your home. For example, if you keep up with regular cleaning around your house, then bathing a 2-year-old cat will give her an even more nice fluffy coat than one who has had less exposure to dirt in his life. However, if you are not very careful about keeping things clean around your house (such as leaving food out), it can cause moldy food build up which can lead to mild cases of asthma or allergies in cats who have never been exposed to these types of allergens before. This article should help clarify some basic questions that people ask about how old does my new kitten need to be before I take him/her outside for the first time.