How Old Does A Kitten Have To Be To Be Declawed?

It depends on the age of your cat. Often kittens are declawed before they’re seven weeks old, and often between 8-10 weeks it is safer to be declawed than to have a cat in an unaltered state. But there are other factors that go into making this decision: how much time does the owner spend with their cats? What type of household do they live in? Is there furniture or activities where you don’t want them scratching? These factors can also help determine if it would be better for your pet to get all four paws amputated rather than having nails clipped. See more detailed information about Declawing here

How long will my kitten need recovery time after declawing surgery? Will I need extra grooming sessions after she recovers from her procedure?

Kittens can usually walk within 24 hours following surgery, but most animals should not return to normal activity until at least 2 weeks post-surgery. You may notice some limping initially due to swelling or pain at the surgical site; however, cats generally recover quickly and regain full use of both hind limbs typically within two days by walking on 3 legs with 3 toes per paw versus 4 legs with 1 toe per paw as before surgery. It is important during recovery that you avoid placing any weight on your pet while he/she gets used to being free of bandages, especially while kittens are still healing from anesthesia (usually 14 days). If any question arises concerning the healing process