How Old Does A Kitten Have To Be To Get Neutered?

In the UK, cats have to be 4 months old before neutering is a possibility. In other countries this might differ – check with your local animal care centre or vet clinic what their policy is for kittens and cats that are not yet fully grown up.

Why do I need to pay for my kitten’s neutering? Why can’t I just ask them?

This is because it isn’t possible to do an operation without anaesthetic if the cat has not been desexed. The operation can cause serious problems such as bladder infections, pyometra (an infection in the womb), urinary incontinence and infertility in both male and female cats – all of which can lead to death within weeks of diagnosis!

Will it hurt my cat when they’re operated on? Does he/she go into ‘shock’? What about after the anesthetic wears off? Will they wake up unwell or be sick ever again afterwards? Is there anything we should feed our kitten beforehand so that he/she doesn’t vomit during surgery as well as afterwards? Can we give him/her any pain-killers at all once they’ve had their operation done on them, or will these make things worse later on down the line if something goes wrong with his/her health / temperament / behaviour after surgery…? PLEASE HELP ME.. THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS THAT WE HAVE AND NO ONE WILL ANSWER THEM ! WE WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE OUR