How Old Does A Kitten Have To Be To Get Spayed?

In some states, female cats must be 8 weeks or older to receive a spay. In others, the age is between 6 and eight months of age. The ASPCA recommends allowing kittens as young as six weeks old time with their mother before getting them fixed. This increases the success rate of this procedure by 90 percent for neutering females that weigh 3 pounds or more and 70 percent for those who weigh less than 2 pounds at birth. Even if you have a pet over a year old, it’s still important to schedule an appointment once she turns 4 years old because her reproductive organs may not be fully developed yet.

What size kitty litter should I get?

The right sized pan will help absorb urine odor while absorbing odors in general; however, there are several factors involved in deciding what type of litter will work best for your home: Where you live (climate), how many pets use the room(s) regularly (how often), whether the room has carpeting or hardwood floors, any existing odor issues within your home, etc… Check out our Litter Options page for more info on choosing one!

How do I know if my kitten needs shots?