How Old Does A Kitten Have To Be To Leave T Mother?

Baby kittens are born blind, deaf and with a full set of teeth. They may be able to see their mother’s nipples for the first 3-4 days of life but it is not uncommon for them to die if they do not receive some kind of care. A pregnant mama cat needs warmth, clean water and food in order to successfully give birth and rear her kittens.

What is FIV? How can my kitten get it from me? What will happen if I am infected by fiv or hep b? I have had my kitten since he was 8 weeks old..i have been vaccinating him twice a week on daycare schedule..But i noticed yesterday that his belly was swollen so i thought maybe he ate something bad…so thats why i took him back to the vet….the doctor examined him and told me that there were no signs whatever so she said everything should be fine …she gave him an antibiotic shot because she said his stomach might be upset…Can you please tell me what this could possibly mean?? And how can he get fiv?? How fast does this usually spread through out the world population?? Please help! Is there any way at all to prevent contagion or spread through out the world population.? My child has just received her 3rd immunization against FIV (feline leo virus). The last one being done when she was 6 months old . Our vet says we need another injection once every 1 year , but would like advice before