How Old Does A Kitten Need To Be To Get Fixed?

A kitten should be at least 8 weeks old before it is fixed.

What if my kitten has a litter box that I can’t get to? What do you recommend?

If your kitten does not have a litter box, we recommend leaving it in the same room with Mom and Dad until they are comfortable with using one on their own. This will help them become familiar with using this new type of bathroom. A cat cannot be trained to use an un-sanitized cardboard box on its own; there must be another object for them to toilet (urinate) on! Once the kittens are weaned we will provide a litter box for each of them and show you how to properly clean and maintain these boxes so that your kittens do not contract any diseases from improper sanitation practices. We also offer house breaking classes once kittens begin going outside and wanting more than just Mom’s milk!

How often should I visit my vet or groomer? How much should I spend per month on grooming/pet care? Shouldn’t an animal come first, no matter what breed or age is appropriate for me…especially since there aren’t many choices anymore when it comes down to buying pets…different color hair shaded animals etc.?