How Old Does A Male Kitten Have To Be To Get Fixed?

-Are there any risks involved?

-What are the chances of pregnancy if I have a male cat fixed?

When veterinarians perform the surgery, they use small clips that attach to your pets testicles and then cut them away from his body. The procedure is performed under anesthesia which means he will be unconscious during the entire process. He should wake up in about 20 minutes after it’s over and be able to walk around immediately afterward. You shouldn’t worry about him being in pain while recovering from surgery, because most cats hardly even feel it at all! Your veterinarian may give you other advice on what foods to feed once he has been neutered since this can affect his recovery time as well as how fast his sperm count will recover.If you want your cat fixed now or if you don’t think that waiting until later would make a difference, you could change your mind at any time just by calling us for an appointment. There is no reason why we can’t take care of both of these issues at the same time though so please call us right away if either one applies to your situation!Female kittens are spayed between 6 months old and 7 months old depending on their size according to our vet office staff here . Male kittens who are older than 3 years old get neutered at the same age but before they reach sexual maturity (between 4 – 6 months). For more information about when cat surgeries need to happen , click here