How Old Does A Male Kitten Have To Be To Mate?

Male kittens neutered between 8 and 12 weeks of age can still reproduce as adults. Mature males (over 30-50 days) should be kept in a home without females, so they won’t damage furniture or fight with the other male cats. They may have some interest in toys but will not play with them – instead, they prefer to stalk prey and chase after moving objects such as feathery bits of paper that you blow around on a slow breeze.

How do I tell if my kitten is sick?

When interacting with your cat for the first time, immediately notice what kind of personality he has: friendly or aggressive? Some people prefer an aggressive personality type, which is okay by owners who are more likely to allow their cats free roam all over the house; however, most cat owners enjoy having a calmer pet who will stay close at hand while grooming them! If you find yourself wanting to keep him closer than usual then it’s probably because he’s feeling under the weather – feel his chest and belly beneath his fur for any unusual bumps or lumps that might signal illness. Also look out for excessive mouthing from one area of an animal’s body toward another part during interaction – this could indicate pain associated with some condition like toothache or arthritis.

If your kitten seems lethargic compared to normal behavior patterns there may also be signs present such as vomiting up small amounts of food over hours rather than minutes when eating normally; these are early indications