How Old Is A Kitten Before It Becomes A Cat?

A kitten is considered to be a young cat at 1 year of age. The rule of thumb has always been that cats are fully grown by the time they turn 3 years old. According to Western Veterinary Association (WVA) this was set at 16 months since it seems like the cat’s adult appearance is achieved sooner than thought in young cats, even though there may still be visible growth to take place for many months after reaching adult size. This means that an 18 month-old kitten will seem full grown while 23 month-old one will still appear smaller than his/her younger self.

How big does my new feline friend grow?

This depends on what you feed your pet and how much exercise she gets, although generally speaking adult male cats should not weigh more than 10 pounds while females can reach 20 pounds or so before starting their period of reproductive decline. It should also be noted that males tend to get larger during times when food sources were scarce such as winter hibernation which starts around February for Maine Coon Cats but extends into October in Texas! Annual weight increases are typically between 0 – 5% with no maximum limit established yet given all factors affecting growth rate including genetics, environment and diet composition effects on body mass gain.