How Old Is A Kitten When It Opens Its Eyes?

” in the morning when he wakes up to see if his ride is there.

There are many types of cats that think they’re kitties but aren’t, and I thought it was very important for my cat to know the difference. My current theory is that our brains are wired differently because we have two heads instead of one. So, while cats don’t really understand what a kitten is, kittens understand everything about being a cat! What I mean by this last statement is that the whole “kitty-ception” thing can be attributed to their ability to learn so quickly from other animals who are around them all day long. Cats adapt well since they already learned how to hunt at an early age (and still do) so why not just use your brain? And this makes total sense because you are using your brain every time you get out of bed each morning or walk into another room at night . It makes perfect sense!