How Old Is My Kitten In Human Years?

’ ‘How old is my kitten in human years?’

Answer: Kitty will be 5.5 human years (4.6 cat years) when she turns one month old

Is it possible to calculate the age of a dog or cat by counting its teeth? When I was growing up, I used to visit my grandparents regularly and they had some wonderful dogs which stayed with them until they passed away. We would play together for hours on end and I loved spending time with them all. One of their dogs died during her last year but we still refer to her as our grandparent’s dog because she belonged so much to us since childhood! So, do you think it is possible for me to find out how old my new puppy will be by looking at her teeth? Answer: It is definitely possible , although not quite so easy . Dogs usually have 42 teeth; cats 36; pigs 28; horses 24; cows 22; sheep 20 -and tigers 17-which are counted from left top tooth bottom right tooth. Do you know what this means ? Answer: Yes, that answer explains it ! If the top canine (tooth 1 ) does not reach back into the gums (the gum line), then your pet may be older than 10 months

If an animal has 9 toes on each foot, how many toes does he/she count when adding up all four feet together? The answer here depends upon whether there are 4 front legs or 6 legs altogether