How Old Is This Kitten I Found?

i found this kitten in my backyard yesterday, he is about 2 weeks old. i was planning on taking him to the emergency room today but i cant find his owner anywhere… if you have any info please email me at [email protected]

Cat Bitten By Dog Cat Bite My Neice Puppy And I Found The Dog And Ripped Its Tail Off! What To Do? I was watching my niece walk her puppy around the yard when suddenly it bit her on the arm. She immediately ran inside crying for help because she didn’t know what to do or where to go so i went out looking for them and found the dog still there seemed calm as well as not injured at all . But, she said that dog had bitten before so i told her let’s take your puppy inside put some ice on it then call animal control or whatever they are called in texas maybe that’ll keep it from hurting anyone anymore.. So we took neice’s puppy into our apartment and while putting ice on pet’s wound ,we heard a scratching sound coming from somewhere outside of our apartment … We opened door only to see a pit bull viciously attacking another smaller dog who looked like an american blue heeler mix …. It took one swipe of its paw across his neck with enough power to break skin … We tried telling both dogs off without success until finally after 20 min of trying 3 times with no luck…. The pitbull got tired of fighting against us ..and left…..I ask my