How Old Should A Kitten Be To Be Spayed?

How long should my kitten be with me before I spay her?

Some answers to these questions can be found in this guide. The most important factors are the age of your kitten, and how old you think she is. If you have any doubts, consult an experienced animal care professional!

Q: Why is it necessary for kittens under three months of age to be spayed or neutered? What will happen if they don’t get fixed? How soon do they need to go in after their first heat (if they haven’t already)?

A: Kittens that are not fixed by one month of age continue having uncontrollable periods until about six months old whereupon there is usually only a very small number per season (one every few weeks). After that time period, female cats become fertile again at about four years old (and male cats at 2-3 years depending on breed). One problem associated with being unaltered is unwanted litters of kittens which are born full size but blind and deaf due to incomplete development. Another problem associated with being unaltered is health issues such as cysts on the ovaries predisposing them to developing cancer later in life, uterine infections leading eventually to pyometra which causes death through sepsis, retained placenta causing infertility and possibly death from blood poisoning etc.. These diseases can develop into adulthood if left untreated early enough – so even though treatment may seem lengthy for a young cat living outside the house where re