How Old Should A Kitten Be To Get Neutered?

A kitten can be neutered as early as 7 weeks of age, but it is best to wait until 12-14 weeks. Relatively young kittens are more likely to survive the surgery and adjust well afterward. If you decide on this time frame for your kitten’s procedure, please remember that surgery recovery is a very stressful experience for him or her – no matter how old they are! For more information about spaying/neutering your cat visit our Feline Spay / Neuter page.

How long will it take before my pet has his surgery? Will he get anesthesia? What happens after the surgery? Do I need to keep an eye on him during recovery?

The actual surgery takes only a few minutes, and anesthesia is not used unless it is absolutely necessary (e.g., if there was bleeding). Most pets do fine with little or no pain medication required during recovery from anesthesia at all except in rare situations when complications arise such as excessive bleeding which necessitates blood transfusion or where major abdominal trauma occurred which would require immediate medical intervention by a veterinarian. Some cats have been known to sleep through their surgeries without any effort on their part while others may vocalize excessively despite being fully awake throughout the entire operation!