How Old Should A Kitten Be To Give Away?

Cats are born prey animals, not hunters. They need to feel safe before they can learn how to hunt. It is possible that your cat could be old enough to give away by the time it becomes a year and a half (which would make it five months old), but most likely you will have to wait until he or she is at least six months old in order for this option to be viable. For example, if you had an eight-month-old kitten that was getting along well with its foster family and who wanted another one in the house and felt confident in his/her ability as a hunter, by about nine months of age he or she should be ready for adoption into another home where the new owner(s) has/have prior experience with cats and understands their personality issues which might include: fearfulness; dominance behaviors such as swatting; hunting instincts such as scent marking territory; separation anxiety when moved from their familiar environment including litter box needs; aggressiveness toward other pets or humans when not adequately socialized at an early age.

How long does it take for my cat to adjust?

There is no way of knowing what portion of adjustment period your new pet will go through and how much patience you’ll need during this phase. If there are any fears already present concerning change associated with moving into a new home then these must be worked on immediately so that positive changes can occur rather than negative ones occurring later due to frustration over acting out inappropriately while