How Old To Fix A Kitten?

A: Old is relative. It depends on whether or not you have any experience in raising a kitten, and what the purpose of this kitten is/what it will be used for. If I’m looking to buy an adult cat, maybe 2-3 years old would suffice, if I want to raise the cat as my own pet than at least 4-5 years old should be fine.

What do young kittens eat?

A: Young kittens need milk replacer (synthetic formula) mixed with water twice daily until they are weaned onto solid food. At that point the mother’s milk can be continued but only once per day instead of twice daily because there is no longer risk of dehydration due to lack of fat content in her diet. Some people say that 1/2 cup per feeding works well for young cats; others go up to 1 cup per every 20 lb (9 kg). A note about mixing formulas – if your cat has ever tasted cow’s milk before during life, there may be some strong emotional associations involved when he first starts getting formula feedings. So it might help him more quickly adjust by putting his bottle down first thing each morning right after you put his breakfast bowl out and then filling up one side while leaving the other half empty so that he doesn’t smell anything bad coming through the other end (which may trigger reoccurring memories from his previous life). Also, use 24 hour contact time between wetting all surfaces where formula goes