How Soon Can A Kitten Become Pregnant? When Can A Kitten Be Spayed Or Neutered??

Both can be done at any age. A kitten can safely be spayed or neutered when he/she is seven weeks old, so you do not have to wait until then to make the decision. The earlier that a female is spayed or neutered, the less likely she will get an infection (or cancer) in her uterus and need removal of the reproductive tract by surgery; this procedure is called “spaying.” Spaying also helps keep your pet from getting annoying hormonal disorders like cystic ovaries. Neutering prevents unwanted male behavior like roaming which can lead to problems with other animals (i.e., fighting). This information should only serve as a guideline for responsible pet ownership; you should always discuss these issues with your veterinarian prior to making any decisions about your pets’ health care plans.

How much food does my kitten eat? how many times per day should i feed him? how often should i give him water? what type of food changes would I need to make due his being a kitten?

Your pet’s diet really depends on their individual needs since no two cats are alike! If they were going through hard times after being abandoned it may take longer for them to rebuild their body weight while if they have been well cared for then everything will come back up faster since there was little stress on their system during those first few days. You would want to increase his/her daily amount gradually but still divide by 2, giving them twice as much