How To Appropriately Nurse A Kitten?

by the way you are supposed to be feeding, when they aren’t hungry or when can i give them only water longer than one hour in a day?

All of our kittens come with their first vaccines and two rounds of FVRCP vaccinations. We recommend that all new kitten owners receive their initial series of booster vaccines at 6 months old. The feline leukemia vaccine (FeLV) is given every 3 years after the initial vaccination. If your kitten has been vaccinated for FeLV previously, we would still recommend re-vaccination once per year thereafter. Please refer to your veterinarian if you have any questions about this process, as it may vary from cat to cat depending on how well developed their immune system is already at six months old and other factors such as age and previous exposure levels to the disease itself or its precursors which may affect a young animal’s immune response ability . For more information about these topics please review basic feline immunology here: