How To Bond With A Kitten?

Q: I have a kitten who has been with me since he was 3 weeks old. He is now 10 months and is just starting to play. How do I begin the process of teaching him to socialize? Should I take him into my home when company comes over, or should i wait until they leave? Can you give any advice on how to bring them in at night so that my little one doesn’t get scared by the noises outside his cage/pen? Thank You!

A: First of all, no worries about your situation! While it’s true that most kittens can be litter trained within their first few weeks (around 4-6 weeks), some cats may not be ready for this task before another 6 months or even years. The fact that your cat seems more confident than usual at such an early age shows that he isn’t afraid of new things like people and other animals; this means it’s time for you and your kitten to bond further by becoming best friends! Here are some great tips from Cat Care Center if you wish to follow along:

1) Are there many different sounds around your house at night – like traffic noise, neighbors’ dogs barking, sirens etc.? If so, then let the kitten out during these times only after everyone else goes asleep. This will help prevent fear-based reactions later on because nothing scary will happen when the lights go off. If possible avoid keeping him caged up too late – kittens deprived of sleep can