How To Bond With A Scared Kitten?

What do you need to know about bonding with a scared kitten? A new “mom” cat may be frightened by her kittens or she could simply not understand their little cries for help. What should you do if your new kitten is terrified of people and will bolt at the first sign of approaching humans? The following tips can help your fearful kitty overcome his fears, but it all depends on whether he actually has something to fear (or not).

Tips For Bonding With A Scared Kitten:

Adopt-A-Kitten Adoption Centers – TLC Animal Network Adoptions Breed Rescue Organizations – AKC Petfinder Local Shelters Contact Your Veterinarian First Before doing anything else, make sure that the problem isn’t more serious than this. If there are no health issues involved then I recommend that you try these steps before calling me or my staff member. Try using Chasing Toys To Encourage Him To Play With You As soon as I get off work each day I head straight home to check in on my cats. Because they have been used to being alone when we go out during the day, they usually don’t want us around until evening… Usually! Sometimes though Fido will take one look at our faces and hide under a piece of furniture without even making any noise at all! It’s funny because Gromit never does this when he sees us – only Lily does! Note : The video below shows how