How To Bottle Feed A Kitten That Won’T Eat?

Yahoo Answers I have a kitten that is about 3 months old. She will not eat her food or water bottles, so she gets nothing out of the litterbox. What should i do?

What are all the possible reasons for an iguana to bite its tail off? Yahoo Answers After looking into my 4 month old baby iguanas tail he started biting it and it always ends up on his back left side sometimes in between his legs too… And now after almost 2 weeks of severe pain ,he has stopped eating.. Could this be teething issues??? Or could the tail be infected with some kind of fungus??I’m starting to wonder what else can cause him such discomfort!

What is wrong with my kitty’s eye lids ? Yahoo Answers He just turned 7 wks yesterday & they’re kinda droopy looking…. I’ve heard dry eyes can occur at any age but don’t think he’s developed them yet : S Is there anything else i need to check b4 I take him to the vet tomorrow morning????????????? Help! It looks like he has corneal ulcers very similar to what you’d see on people who wear glasses – possibly due to rubbing (of having