How To Buy A Munchkin Kitten?

The answer is easy, and it’s a good one. The best way to find the perfect kitten for your family is to go where they are already living. In most areas of North America, there are thousands of cats in need of homes that have been given up by their owners because they were too shy or too skittish. Not all munchkin kittens come from litters born in pet stores; many come from shelters throughout the country and Canada, who want to get them out of their cages and back into loving homes as quickly as possible. If you’re interested in adopting an adult cat at a local shelter or rescue organization near you — be sure to check our list below! You can also visit Petfinder online for other options:

If you’re not comfortable handling adoptable cats at a shelter, consider fostering one instead! Fostering lets people who would like nothing more than caring for an animal while providing temporary home care take on some responsibility without having full custody over the kitty’s life (i.e., rent/mortgage payments). You’ll give your foster cat love and attention whenever he needs it — feeding him when he wants food and giving him water when he turns dirty during playtime — but otherwise leave his daily routine mostly unchanged so that she adjusts well with her new environment (even if she’s coming from a less-than-ideal situation!) Foster parents get weekly reports on how their fosters’ lives are going, which helps determine whether