How To Calm A Kitten Down?

If the kitten is urinating, try to clean up as much urine as possible. Try putting a towel down on the floor and cover with newspapers.

When your kitten begins to settle down after being sprayed or hit by a broom, move it into its cage or another room where you can close off all of its exits without causing pain. Don’t leave food out for the kitten until it has calmed down so that if it gets hungry again while you are trying to calm it down ,the noise will not scare it away from eating.

Keep a litter box in an area where your cat feels comfortable and now familiar with going there each time they need to go outside their litter pan . Be sure to give them enough water at least once per day during this stage of training . Give them little treats such as canned tuna fish or chicken breast pieces that have been put in cream cheese spread on bread slices (cut into small pieces), plenty of greens like lettuce leaves , kalesiasi, carrots, fruits like apple slices cut up small and set out throughout the house and also good quality dry dog/cat food (Kibbles & Bits) which should be fed about twice daily along with fresh water. Always make sure that both foods contain high-quality protein ingredients such as beef meal etc.. When kittens learn how to eat these kinds of foods, they usually become very healthy cats because they do not tend want full meals but just nibbles here & there! This way