How To Calm My Kitten Down?

My kitten is about 4 months old. He gets so upset after eating or drinking anything, his tail twitches and he starts biting himself. I have tried different things to calm him down but nothing seems to work! It’s driving me crazy!”

Most cats are pretty wary of new people, strange surroundings, loud noises or other changes in their environment that they aren’t familiar with. This can make them very uncomfortable for some time until they are more comfortable getting used to the new situation. That’s why it’s important not only to keep your cat safe on a walk through unfamiliar areas but also continue training them as you do this so that both of you will be better prepared during an emergency. If possible try taking your cat out first thing in the morning on a nice long leash before leaving the house if at all possible because it gives your cat an opportunity to get accustomed to outside noise and movement without feeling overwhelmed by these changes too early in the day when they might not be able to handle it yet (you should take care though: never drag your cat along like a ragdoll!). When you go out together spend some extra time playing around and exposing her/him gradually more frequently overtime; this will help build up her/his confidence level which is priceless when living with someone else who may show contrary behavior such as an annoyed relative or neighbor! Your kitty may eventually become scared of certain situations such as thunderstorms where fireworks were set off nearby (