How To Calm Your Kitten Down?

Many cats can be difficult to control. Even if you have a well-behaved kitty, the cat may react differently from time to time and cause problems for you or your family members. Fortunately, there are many ways to calm your kitten down once he’s out of control. Follow these recommended tips:

1) Use a baby gate – A baby gate is one of the most effective ways to keep an energetic cat confined in a small area until she calms down. You could also try using a crate or carrier that attaches securely around her neck but remember that kittens cannot climb free so safety should always come first!

2) Locate the source of the agitation – If she’s playing with something outside such as string, food toys etc., remove it from sight for now and wait about 20 minutes before trying again. If your cat is becoming agitated because someone is coming into the house then close doors and windows and leave them closed until they calm down too (you could set up blinds instead).

3) Distract her – Try carrying some tasty treats along if she becomes unruly while waiting for visitors; this will help take her mind off any disturbances outside which might be causing her anxiety (just make sure none of those goodies fall on anyone!). Alternatively, play with treat dispensing toys such as balls filled with kibble; give them only briefly at first however otherwise you might find yourself stuck holding onto one all day! Play laser pointer