How To Capture A Kitten Stuck In The Engine Of A Car?

If a cat is stuck in a car engine, you have the following three options:

Option 1. If your cat is small enough to fit through the open driver’s side window, walk around to the passenger side and open that door. Then gently guide him/her out of the vehicle by holding onto his/her collar or tail as he/she climbs down from inside, then take them into an enclosed area where they can calm down until help arrives. Of course this option will be less likely if it is raining or snowing outside.

Option 2: If your cat cannot fit through either of these windows (or both), call a professional animal rescue service for assistance! You can also check with local authorities – most cities have free-roaming cats ‘outreach’ programs which handle trapped cats humanely and immediately – but remember that if your city does not have such services it may cost you upwards of $300 to get help for one very injured wild animal! In rare cases people may need medical treatment for injuries sustained during capture; therefore consider having someone accompany you who has been trained in wilderness first aid and CPR before attempting this method on their own.

Option 3: Using sharp scissors cut only an inch away from each edge under each door panel directly behind where your pet would normally sit (with his back against the door). This should allow air circulation so he doesn’t suffocate under there, but leave enough room for him to move freely without getting stuck completely