How To Care For 7W Old Kitten?

I have a 7 week old kitten that I adopted from the Humane Society. He is doing great and I am working on getting his shots done, but one of the questions they asked was about how often to change his litter box. That’s what prompted me to write this question.

It seems like he has an obsessive-compulsive personality or something…he will not go anywhere near his litter box unless it is completely clean inside and out (you could see no trace of him anywhere). So whenever he goes in there, I immediately run my hand over it so everything is perfect before putting the new litter back in there! Now that you can’t tell if someone has already used that hole, do you still need to clean it out? Also – do you need to keep changing them every 2 days? What else should we be concerned with for our little guy’s health?!???