How To Care For A New Kitten?

How do I care for a new kitten?

I’ve got myself an 8 week old black and white tabby. I love her, but she has some major issues with mealtimes…she’s not eating much at all (only about 1/3 of what she should be). She eats like crazy while we’re out (we go to the grocery store about 3 times a week), then wants to be left alone when we get home. It’s almost like she knows that if she doesn’t eat while we’re gone, then there won’t be any food left for her when we get back! How can I get her used to eating in between meals instead of waiting until supper time? Also, how long will it take for her to gain weight? Is there anything i can do besides feeding her more frequently so that she’ll start accepting the fact that you need food every 2 hours or so,, or is just letting nature take its course really best?