How To Care For A Newborn Kitten?

When a new kitten is born, they are less than a week old and may be very weak. The mother cat will do most of the feeding for the first few days. After that, she will leave her kittens to eat from their own feed bowls by themselves. When all four kittens have been weaned, it’s time for them to go into a separate enclosure with other healthy cats or dogs several times during each day to socialize them and prevent fighting amongst themselves as they grow older. Then you can consider making your choice between house-training them yourself – which means providing training treats so they learn not to pee or poop inside their litter pan – or having someone else come in twice a month to keep an eye on them and clean up after accidents during those visits .

How Much Do Kittens Cost?

The average price range for kittens varies over time based on demand from breeders wanting litters of specific colors as well as no-show homes that aren’t quite ready yet if there isn’t enough demand at that particular time period. In general though, expect prices ranging between $500-$1500 (or more) depending on purpose (pet vs breeding). If you’re interested in getting one instead of adopting through rescue groups like Second Chance Cats , Humane Society , etc., then take note: many breeders require deposits before agreeing to sell any kittens; some also charge extra fees beyond the original purchase price if you want certain breeds (e.g.: Sphynx )