How To Care For An 8 Week Old Kitten?

by patricia hinton


My cat had kittens this past weekend. One of the kittens is missing part of her lower lip and mouth area. What should I do to help heal it? Should i take her to a vet or will she be fine on her own?Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!Hi Patricia,The kitten may need help healing the wound if there’s any drainage from it (or possibly some infection present). The best thing you can do for your little kitty at this point is make sure she stays warm and fed with plenty of love and attention.I would recommend finding a veterinarian in your area who specializes in exotics so they can properly evaluate the extent of the injury as well as give your kitten good care during this time period since she’ll have a difficult time taking care off herself without proper medical attention.. Also find out if there are other cats/kittens already at their practice that might be able to assist you – having another kitty around can certainly provide extra loving support for them both!Good luck 🙂