How To Comfort A Kitten In A New Home?

I adopted a kitten about 3 months ago. He was in really bad shape when he came to me, and I could tell that one day he would not be able to fend for himself because of his illness. I am the sole caretaker of this little guy. When I go to work or leave him alone for more than an hour at a time, my husband leaves food out so that he has something no matter what happens. My question is: How can I help him adjust? What should we do while we are gone?


Careful Cat Owner

Dear Careful Cat Owner: You have done your homework on how best to support your new friend’s well-being! It sounds like you already know all too well why it’s important to take excellent care of yourself while caring for another living thing—and you also know that cats need plenty of social interaction with people while they are young if their personalities develop properly (which means early intervention). The way you set up monitoring equipment in the house allows the cat access to environmental cues through which she can detect changes in her environment and adapt accordingly. So there is no reason other than laziness why you cannot make sure she gets exercise every day by letting her outside or giving her some toys. She needs lots of attention from both herself and others; she will thrive on regular interactions with humans who are interested in enjoying life with cats rather than just being companion animals! Your careful attention during this