How To Deter Your Kitten From Biting?

If you want to deter your kitten from biting, start by scolding the cat when it is not engaged in any act of destruction. This will generally result in your kitten becoming fearful of other people and their belongings. Force your pet into a cage or small room, then close the door while playing loud music (which should make them uncomfortable) for at least ten minutes. Make sure that the floor is covered with newspaper to avoid scratches on wood floors; if you don’t have this available, cover furniture or other areas where cats tend to scratch with newspapers before closing them in an area out of reach for felines. If possible, leave food outside until after the time period has passed so they get hungry enough to eliminate elsewhere than inside their home.[1]

You can also purchase “Scat Mat” products which are designed specifically for discouraging house cats from marking territory indoors by covering up urine spots.[2][3]