How To Determine Gender Of Kitten?

Kittens grow and mature at different rates, so it’s difficult to determine a kitten’s gender by how they look. Kittens can be male or female, but both genders have characteristics that are different from adult cats.

Kitten Gender Chart: Male vs Female For Mating Purposes Gayle says the first thing you have to know about kittens is whether you want one for breeding purposes or not. The first rule of thumb is if you want your cat/kitten to breed, then buy an entire litter of kittens because there are certain genetic disorders that may show up in later generations if only two sexes were used for breeding. Gayle said she has seen cases where females who had been bred with other males produced no offspring but did produce fertile offspring when mated with tomcats (male). She also saw males who had been bred with other males producing viable offspring along with the females he was bred with (“mixed breed” cats). To make sure your kitten does not end up sterile-breeder mix, pay attention to what kind of kittens he starts off as! “If you do get a boy kitten keep him neutered until adulthood,” said Gayle. “But any girl kitty will be fine keeping her intact.” If getting several girls or boys isn’t something that works out well financially for you then use this information as motivation to find good homes for all your pets! By giving them away instead of euthanizing them causes fewer animals than killing them outright would