How To Determine If Kitten Is Boy Or Girl?

Well, like this:

1. Kitten is bright yellow (with very little black or brown mixed in) with white feet and the tip of her tail. She has a patch on her head called “the mask” that looks like an upside-down triangle. Her nose will be pinkish/red and she may have some white spots on her face too.

2. If the kitten only has one eye, it’s probably a boy cat! Two eyes equals girl cat — unless you’re talking about Siamese cats, which are always two-eyed because their noses are so flat they can’t suckle enough milk to produce more than one teat! 3.- Kittens don’t blink much until they’re about 12 weeks old; boys can blink slightly sooner than girls at 10 weeks but not appreciably until around 13 weeks old 4.- Males tend to stand taller than females compared to other animals similar in size 5.- Male cats have thicker fur all over their bodies so it’s possible for him to get colder when he needs to warm up 6.- When you pet your male cat he’ll sometimes purr louder if ther is no human present 7.- In addition there might be scent glands hidden somewhere on his body – just ask your vet where They are!! 8.- The best advice I could give anyone who wants to determine by looking alone whether a kitten is going into a litter of males or females Is What follows:9.: There must be something wrong with it