How To Determine Sex Of A Kitten?

How to tell if my kittens are females or males?

Sexing kittens is an important step in your kitten’s development. It will help you know how many kittens to keep and give you time to prepare for the new arrival. With some practice, it will not be difficult at all!

Step One: Look at the Kitten When they are born, female cats have a swollen vulva (the opening of their vagina). Males do not. This swelling goes down as the cat gets older so that by 6 months of age, both male and female cats should look identical. After this point however, there may be some slight differences between them… but only very minor ones!! Don’t worry about these changes – no matter what they look like now, by 8 weeks old they will all have similar genitalia! And remember.. every single one of those tiny hairs on a newborn kitten was once “tails”….but due to hormonal changes after birth most of them disappear before weaning unless castrated. So don’t worry about anything being different – just go with what YOU see – YOUR experience – NOTHING can substitute for that! Step Two: Pin Test By 3-4 Weeks The next thing you want to do is pin test your little furball making sure he/she has been marked correctly as either boy or girl…or maybe even both!! You’ll find exactly where his penis / her vulva sits under his scrotum (where she needs to