How To Determine The Gender Of A Kitten?

You can determine the gender of a kitten by observing its physical characteristics. If you want to be certain, however, take the animal to a veterinary surgeon for a thorough examination and blood test evaluation.

The physical examination reveals how developed are an animal’s reproductive organs. Typically, males have larger genital areas than female cats because they produce spermatozoa daily in order to fertilize eggs that will give rise to kittens or puppies. However, there are exceptions where this is not the case (examples are polycystic ovaries). The cat’s voice also helps reveal whether it is male or female since females tend to purr more often than males do. Female cats usually make louder sounds when they feel content or happy whereas males make high-pitched chirps when excited or nervous about something. There may be other ways as well but these two methods should help you decide if your pet is male or female!