How To Determined Is The Bay Kitten Is A He Or She?

, the answer is not fairly simple. It’s much easier to determine if a cat can be a boy or girl by looking at its features, but it’s also possible to find out by seeing whether it has testicles or an undeveloped penis.

Some male cats are born without testes, which makes them infertile. The development of these organs depends on hormones secreted from the pituitary gland in the brain and begins when they are around two months old. If you look at your kitten closely, you will see that its ears should be pointed upwards and that it may have nipples under its chin (the word “kitten” means ‘baby cat’). However, female kittens still possess nipples even though they don’t nurse their young; this allows them to urinate through their clitorises.[6] An infant kitten will start walking after three weeks,[7] although some take up to five weeks.[8] Kittens need proper nutrition so they can grow fast enough for normal development of reproductive systems; often this causes stomach problems.[9][10] On average, domestic housecats mature sexually at four months.[11][12][13][14][15] The lifespan of an adult cat is 12–15 years,[16].