How To Deworm Your Kitten Natural Remedy?

In this video, we learn How to Deworm Your Kitten at Home. In many areas of the US and Canada it is recommended that you should worm your kittens when they are 6 weeks old. This is because there can be a lot of fleas in these young or nursing cats, which if not dealt with properly can make their life very miserable. The best time to start this process is when your kitten was born so that by the time you take them home from the animal shelter, they have already been wormed before going back into a strange environment where other cats might get their worms from them. Flea eggs will sometimes stay dormant for up to 3 years without being eaten by another cat…so starting early really does help keep your kittens healthy and happy! Our article on how long do fleas live? explains more about what I am talking about here: Flea Life Cycle

*It has come to my attention recently that pet owners are using over-the-counter products like Advantage Plus (which contains DEET) or Frontline or Fiproguard in an attempt to deworm their pets themselves instead of taking them see a vet, who knows much more than anyone else about whether something like parasites could be harmful in any way.*

Watch our video containing information on how often you need to deworm your kitten at home: How Often Do You Need To Worm Your Kitten?

If You want more details on how often you should worm kitty