How To Entertain A Kitten While At Work?

The best thing you can do for your kitten is keep him confined to a safe location where he cannot injure himself or others. A pet carrier will work well, but it needs to be large enough that the cat has room to stand up and turn around without being able to climb out. If this rule sounds too harsh, then you’ll need to find another solution until your kitten grows into an adult cat who can live outside safely. The safest way of keeping kittens inside is with a baby gate or closed-in full-length cage (see step #6).

What should I feed my kitten?

Kittens are very fussy eaters! They enjoy meaty foods like chicken chunks, ground beef, tuna fish and cheese puffs (or other similar high protein snacks) mixed in with small amounts of grainy dry food. Your vet may recommend feeding them Taste of the Wild Cat Food Turkey & Chicken formula; however there are many different brands on the market that also meet standards for feeding kittens under 6 months old (check with your veterinarian first!). Remember: don’t give anything more than 10% of their bodyweight per day so they get used to smaller portions gradually over time! You should always consult your vet before starting any kind of new diet regimen so they know what works best for cats in general as well as yours specifically!