How To Feed A Kitten Without A Bottle?

Feeding a kitten without a bottle is not difficult at all. It’s just easier if you have the proper tools, so read on to learn what they are and how to use them!

The first thing you need is a large container (a cardboard box works well) that your baby can climb up into. You will also need something like an old sock or piece of cloth (I used burlap), which needs to be big enough for the kitten but small enough that it won’t get caught around their neck as they eat. Some people also recommend using some sort of hiding spot — such as under bed sheets — for your little kitten and then placing food and water bowls inside this hidey-spot. This way, the kitten will be comfortable eating in its own space while still being able to see where it’s getting its meals from! Next up: no bottles! The trick here is knowing how much weight your kitten should gain per week during each stage of development so that you know when feeding time begins and ends every day. This method allows kittens to grow at their own pace instead of having someone force feed them because they’re too young – many parents find themselves doing this sometimes, especially if weaning isn’t going smoothly – because one parent wants them ready sooner than another and vice versa…this does not help anyone prepare for life with a cat or prevent potentially harmful issues down the road because there simply wasn’t enough time given to allow kittens’ bodies/