How To Feed A Starving Kitten?

He shook his head. “We’re going to have a big feast, aren’t we?” he whispered hoarsely. As she nodded, as her sharp teeth sank into his neck and her warm tongue swirled around the wound, all thought of food fled from his mind at once.

Chapter Fourteen

The World Below

In those last hours before dawn on the human side of the barrier between two worlds there is no time for sleeping—but that is exactly what they did. They had been asleep only a few minutes when a sharp rap sounded on their door and then it swung open with a creak of aged hinges. A man in gray robes entered immediately after them; he was not alone: another figure followed him inside through the far end of their chamber by means of an invisible passageway that appeared out of nowhere beneath the floorboards where Renard sat up stiffly against Syrolee’s shoulder, muttering something about having been bitten again by one if these things . . . But whatever words escaped from this highly irritated conversation died away as they caught sight first of Gaius and then Antonia: both were hooded and cloaked but clearly recognizable under such circumstances as though some voice within them urged composure and alertness upon them without prompting or warning or even explanation whatsoever , just as surely as it had done so many times before in life itself whenever danger threatened—when death seemed almost imminent—