How To Feed One Month Old Kitten?

She is eating dry food. I have only been giving her one wet meal a day. When I go out she eats what ever is left of the wet food so she wont starve to death….

How do i know when my cat is hungry? Asked by Chasin’ Cat on August 13, 2008 Answer this Question Flag as… Answer this question! Recommend 0 Votes -0 Yes 2 No 1 Maybe 4 Cats are not big fans of being held or fed, but they will let you know if they’re hungry by meowing and looking for something to eat — just remember that cats can sense hunger earlier than humans can. If your cat seems lethargic, sits around all day with no interest in playing or sleeping or even using the litter box, he could be starving! Check his weight at least once a month; don’t wait until it’s really obvious because there’s nothing you can do about it then except take him to the vet for an exam and possibly medication (which might not be necessary). You may need to feed your cat different types of kibble depending on whether he gets most of his calories from outside sources like prey-eating birds or mammals (eats less fat) versus inside sources like plants (more fat), but keep in mind that obesity puts stress on organs such as the heart and kidneys and increases risk for developing diabetes later in life. Also check that your pet isn’t sick: intestinal worms (roundworms) infection of the gut lining caused by