How To Find A Healthy Kitten At A Shelter?

“I was at a shelter and I found this little, tiny kitten. She was so scared, but she came right over to me and started purring like crazy,” Puri says. “She had no idea that I’d rescued her or anything because she didn’t know how to tell me that she needed help.”

Puri began getting reports from other people who saw the kitten on Instagram or Twitter, asking if they could keep her. Eventually, one of those people told him that the cat’s owner—a woman named Claire—had discovered Puri’s pictures online after seeing his rescue story in The Dodo . And it turns out, Puri wasn’t just taking care of one baby kitty; he took on four!

Claire gave him photos of each of the kittens as they grew older so he could see how much fun they were having together at their new foster home in Los Angeles…until things became too serious for them to continue living together as a family group: They’re all now adopted into loving homes with children ages six months through eight years old! Here are some more recent photos from Facebook page shown below: