How To Find A Newborn Kitten In Your House?

That is a good question. Very few people die from swallowing a kitten, but if you do not have time to hold or take care of the kitten then it would be best to see a vet as soon as possible. The reason for this is that kittens can get very sick and need medical attention quickly. If you do not want the responsibility of caring for the kitten, here are some tips on how to find an orphaned newborn kitten in your house;

First step: Turn off all lights and close curtains at night- This will make it harder for cats (and humans) with hunting instincts to spot potential prey like newborn kittens inside your home which means that they will stay out of sight until morning when light comes back again. It is also wise to leave only one window open with blinds down so no one sees any movement outside during daytime hours where most traps can be set up (e.g., broken glass jar lids). Next step: Check around outside- A quick way to make sure you don’t accidentally trap another cat by mistake while looking for unoccupied homes is just look around outside first before coming into your house! Look under bushes, behind trees, etc.. You may even try searching through nearby gardens/homes after dark since many people keep their pets indoors at night nowdays due to dangers posed by cats roaming free at nighttime hours. Orphaned baby kittens who cannot survive without human contact often seek shelter amongst tall grasses or tall weeds near