How To Get A Feral Kitten To Trust You?

How To Make A Cat Love You Again. How to get a feral kitten to trust you? Yvette says: 11/16/17 at 3:05 pm. The best way I know of is by getting them on your lap and petting them, then picking up their food bowl and putting it back down after they eat, do this until they stop running away from the food dish. Then every time you pick up the bowl put it down again as if you’re going to feed them something different from what’s in there before placing it back down again.

Don’t be scared or angry if they run away from you! Just give them space for a bit then try again when they calm down….you need to show that YOU are trustworthy and not going to take advantage of your cat…they will eventually learn once enough time passes without seeing any harm come onto others…They will also love you more because now YOU are showing them love instead of scaring or hurting them with anger..the kitty has a high pain threshold so don’t worry about being rough with him unless he does something really bad like biting someone else which would have been me too lol but I’m sensitive towards animals all around……Hope this helps 🙂 Reply Delete