How To Get A Kitten Out Of A Tree?

Q: A stray kitten in my neighborhood is stuck in a tree. How do I get it down? Is there an animal rescue group that can help me catch it? A: There are many different ways to climb up into the branches of a tree, but often they are accidental or unintentional attempts by cats, dogs or other small animals to escape danger at ground level. The best way to get your cat out is to cover the opening with something heavy, such as wood planks or pieces of plywood nailed together on both sides. You may also need some rope tied around limbs above the opening so you can hoist yourself up and retrieve him. It’s important not to give him time to become accustomed with being trapped inside his own home; he’ll be more likely to try again once you’re gone! For additional safety measures when leaving your cat indoors during inclement weather conditions, remember that indoor-only cats living outdoors will need shelter from the elements every day—even if for just one hour each evening—to prevent injury and stress-related illness such as hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).