How To Get A Kitten To Eat Hard Food?

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15/06/2011�� Best Answer: I had the same problem with my kitten. She refused to eat until she was 7 weeks old–even then, she would only eat soft food at first! By the time she was 12 weeks old, I had her on solid food and it took very little coaxing to get her to eat it. At 20 weeks, you can start mixing some canned food in with the wet stuff for variety…. There are many reasons why your cat refuses to eat his or her kibble. Sometimes this happens because they simply think that there is something better out there than their current kibble selection (which tends not to be nutritious), or that they don’t like how dry or hard kibbles are (or both).

How To Get A Kitten To Eat Hard Food Yahoo Answers

13/03/2017�� How do i get my kitten off of hard dry chicken? My kittens keep fighting over chicken which is really good but he wont use it if its too dry…he will leave chunks of meat behind without eating them.. Its always way too small pieces no matter what . He eats any other kind of meat , fish etc but not chicken… So im wondering if hes just too picky about how its cooked ? Or maybe hes scared of water ? Idk what else could be wrong Dont know what else he likes….is this normal? How do i get him used to eating hard foods…? Also does anyone have